Free advice for adults on how to make friends and become more social.

Social skills and friendship making advice for adults.

Are you one of the millions of adults that has difficulty making friends? Do you suffer from loneliness, social isolation, and feel you are wasting the best years of your life?


Not having friends or a social life will disrupt virtually all parts of your life, including:

This free website is dedicated to teaching you how to establish a new social life for yourself, make friends, and live a life filled with people, fun, and opportunities.

Please see our original social skills articles found to the right that provide information and solutions to some of the less talked about problems typically encountered by social loners and people.

Social Skills Guide

   Adult Social Skills Training

Friendship Making

How to make friends
How to meet people
How to hang out with people

Loner Experiences

Facebook depressing
Everyone else is busy
Slow responses to texts
"I have no friends"
Indicators of social rejection
Depressed by old pictures
People don't initiate contact
Having no social circle
Fat people with no friends
Never invited places
Lonely people who stop trying
Aging and friendlessness
Fears and problems
Rejection by flaking
Dating: men vs. women

Identity and Backgrounds

Typical loner profiles
Hiding lack of a social life
How to spot a loner
MGTOW and rejection
IQ Boasting
Alcholism and isolation

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