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Losers and lonely people find Facebook depressing and embarrassing

If you're a loser with not much of a social life and few friends, chances are you don't like facebook very much. Facebook can be both depressing and embarrassing for losers for the following reasons:

Facebook is very good at putting a person's social life on display. If you're a well connected person with lots of friends this is great because it signals social worth to other people and will help you attract new friends and invitations. If, however, you don't have many friends or much of a social life, it has the opposite effect.

People can tell you're a loser by the lack of pictures on facebook

When people look at your Facebook profile it's not so much the number of friends you have that is important. It's your pictures. Your pictures provide a true glimpse into the social life you have (or don't have). Loners may have large friends lists, but will have very few pictures of themselves with other people. This is a major tip off to the outside world that something is wrong with you socially.

While Facebook is meant to improve and facilitate your social life, if you don't have much of one it can hurt your reputation too. Potential friends will use Facebook to investigate you and if it appears that you are a loner (because of lack of comments, pictures, etc.), they may lose interest in you for this reason.

Facebook was built for real world connections, not cyber relationships. In the past, loners loved chatting online because it gave them an outlet to communicate with people without revealing their lonely, isolated lives. Facebook does the exact opposite: it reveals to people your real world social status.

Facebook makes me depressed

If you've wasted, or are in the process of wasting, the best years of your life the last thing you want to do is be reminded of how great everyone else's life is. When you go on facebook, and see how everyone else is out having fun with other people, it can really hurt a lonely person's self esteem. It can make them feel the world is passing them by.

In addition to a lack of a social life, a lack of accomplishments and experiences can also be highlighted by Facebook. You log in and see all the places people have travelled, how they have successful careers, families, and other things you desire. This contributes substantially to feeling depressed and unworthy.

Another problem with Facebook is that loners will use it to look into the current lives of past relationships. It can hurt tremendously to see than an ex has moved on or become more successful than you are.

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