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Adult Fatness: People without friends are more likely to be overweight

People who are fat often have few or no friends. Fat men have trouble finding women who want to have sex with them. Fat women are able to find guys to have sex with them, but unable to find long term relationships. Being overweight severely damages a person’s social life and there are two primary reasons for this:

Both of these factors work together and create a self fulfilling prophecy. If a person is socially isolated, they will sometimes seek entertainment through eating and other destructive self indulgences (alcohol, drugs, etc.). This causes their appearance to suffer as they gain weight. Being fat damages the loner’s self esteem leaving them less likely to make an effort to socialize. This lack of effort adds to the isolated. Losers continue to gain weight as they age and become more lonely and isolated. Consequences of not having a social circle of friends to hang out with

But what about the fat guy I know who is the life of the party?

There are exceptions to every rule. Some overweight people have better than average social skills. They create social opportunities for other people, throw parties, and find friends and popularity; however, for every one of these individuals there are 100 fat people who no friends and no lives. The average fat person does little more than eat and play on their computer all day.

People have a tendency to want to rationalize their (destructive) behavior. The majority of fat losers are not living the John Belushi “Animal House” type lifestyle with friends, women, sex, etc. They are social outcasts who are unable to make friends and find relationships because they are constantly rejected for being overweight. Often their sole pleasure in life comes from eating. They get fatter as they age and more isolated. Normal people don’t live their lives this way.

Being thin and in shape is part of being social and having friends, sex, and long term relationships

For most normal/healthy adults with good social skills, they gain pleasure through social relationships, sex, social groups, and career achievement. They understand that being overweight would mean people would treat them with less respect and wouldn’t want to have sex or long term relationships with them. Thin people are often embarrassed to be seen with fat people in public. Thin people know that in order to maintain their social lifestyle they cannot be fat. This is their motivation for not overeating. They don’t want to give up their lifestyle and want other people to befriend and find them attractive. Most fat people have lost this motivation because they have been rejected for so long that they’ve given up hope.

Being a fat person = constant rejection

If you’re fat, people will reject you - a lot. They won’t want to have sex with you, they won’t want to be seen with you, and they won’t respect you. While many will describe weight loss as a difficult endeavor, in reality it is extremely simple. All a person has to do is consume fewer calories than they burn and they will lose weight. There is no need to worry about eating fruits, vegetables, or grains. They only thing that matters when it comes to weight loss is calories.

While exercise can burn a few hundred calories a day (the equivalent of a about half a donut), the biggest factor by far in terms of weight loss is calorie consumption.

Having a high or fast metabolism is a myth: fat people eat more

Thin people often like to brag about having a “fast metabolism”. This is nothing more than a myth for the most part. Give or take a few hundred calories, most people burn calories at practically the same rate given their age/weight/height/gender.

Why do thin people like to say they have a high metabolism?

People like to think they are biologically superior to one another as a source of self esteem. For this reason a lot of thin people will go out of their way to try to convince you that they are thin because they were born with a “fast metabolism”. In reality, they are thin because they don’t consume that many calories on average. They should be bragging about their self control, but instead will try to convince you they were born with some rare biological ability that allows them not to gain weight. This is nothing but a myth. If these people consumed the same number of calories as a fat person of their age/height they too would be fat.

A lot of thin people will also go out of their way to try to convince you that they eat a lot. They’ll talk about all the big meals they have, how full they are, how much they ate, etc. If you were to look at their overall calorie consumption, they are eating way less than the fat people are (despite all the slices of pizza they had at the party that they went out of their way to tell you about).

Thin people deserve credit for not overeating and understanding the limits of self indulgences with food. They want you to think, however, they were born biologically superior to fat people and can eat without gaining weight. Perhaps genetics played a role in their self control, but not so much in their metabolism beyond their height/gender/age/etc. It is the myth of having a slow metabolism that keeps fat people from believing they can’t lose weight. Their metabolism isn’t the problem. The problem is their overall average caloric intake.

Fat single man = no sex life

The problem with being an overweight man is that you will have an extremely difficult time finding women who will want to have sex with you. There are always exceptions (like wealth), but generally speaking most fat guys will experience a tremendous about of rejection from women.

A lot of overweight men eventually give up on trying to date because of the constant rejection (and continue to eat even more). The reason fat men are always rejected by women is that the vast majority of women are not attracted to them. If you are a fat guy, you are at the absolute bottom of the barrel in terms of sexual attraction with women. It’s not just that having a big belly is unattractive, it’s also (or perhaps moreso) that being fat means that you have an ugly face.

Fat guys have unattractive faces

While having a big belly turns women off fat guys, it’s also the appearance of their face that causes them to reject you. When a man is overweight his face gets bigger making him far less attractive. This is because the bone structure in the face becomes less defined making the man’s features look far less sexy. There are many men who have the potential to have very nice faces who have zero sex appeal to women because they are overweight. Even being just 10 or 20 pounds overweight can make a significant difference to the appearance of a man’s face.

Jared Leto comparison of thin and fat face

Jared Leto, known for having an attractive face, had an unattractive face as a fat person


Guys with nice faces often don’t realize how much being overweight is making them look ugly. It’s hard to tell just by looking in the mirror how much your face is changing when you put on weight. People often look at older pictures of themselves (when they were thinner) and attribute being better looking to being younger. In reality, it is the weight gain that is making their face much less attractive in these old pictures and not so much being older.

Getting fat is not part of the aging process. It’s part of the giving up on sex/social success and overeating process.

But what about all the overweight guys dating hot or decent looking women?

Again, there are exceptions to every rule. Apart from the obvious factor of money, most of these scenarios develop from long term relationships where the man has “let himself go”. The women is only with him because she has an emotional connection, children, family bond, etc. that is very strong, or because she lacks the confidence to leave him.

Many of these relationships eventually end and the fat guy usually finds himself:

  1. Losing a significant portion of his wealth;

  2. Possibly losing his social circle if connected through his wife;

  3. Unable to have sex or find interested women because he is overweight.

If you are a guy who is fat, forget about building muscles. You first need to get your weight down so that women will perceive you as having an attractive face. You need to consume less calories.

Fat women can find guys to have sex with them but not long term relationships

Overweight women can find guys who will have sex with them but most will not be interested in long term relationships.

For women who are overweight, they will find that men will be interested in them only for sex (behind closed doors). Finding a relationship with a man who is willing to go out in public with a fat woman is a challenge. Unlike an overweight man, a fat woman can easily find sex, however most of the guys she will agree to have sex with will not be interested in a long term relationship.

Many fat women are confused after having sex with thin/in shape guys and them never “sticking around”. They fail to realize that for a man the bar or standard for having sex with a girl is a lot lower than having a relationship with her. These fat girls often find long term relationships with men who are much older or also overweight.

If you are overweight, people will be less interested in befriending and having sex with you. Fortunately, your weight is completely under your control. While you may have been brainwashed into thinking your genetics are making you fat, in reality this is categorically untrue. You can lose weight and find friends/sex/relationships/respect if you simply eat less food (consume less calories). Do you have the willpower?

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