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"I have no friends"

Friendless adults' lives are filled with boredom and wasted time. They look to their past with regret. Depending on the age of the loner, they may live through a vision of hope for their future, or be filled with regret for being alone through the best years of their life.

While these people live sad, depressing lives, they are not all that rare. Many seemingly normal adults have no social lives. Such loners follow routines. They get up, go to work, go home, have dinner, watch tv, play on the computer, and then go to bed. They have almost nothing to look forward to and no drama or excitement in their lives. Every day is predictable and the same.

Interestingly, loners look forward to things that regular people consider to be chores, such as going grocery shopping. It is the highlight of their day!

Loners without friends hang out at the mall alone

If you go to the mall, you'll see loners wandering around by themselves. They aren't there to shop. They aren't even window shopping. Believe it or not, they are there solely for company and entertainment. Going to the mall is something they do for pleasure. It has nothing to do with shopping, but instead is an excuse to get out of the house and be around other people.

How could a person's life be so bad that they actually walk around malls by themselves for fun? A lot of people find themselves in this situation upon the breakdown of a long term relationship or upon moving to a new city. It is surprisingly easy to find yourself bored with nobody to hang around with.

There is also a percentage of the population that has lived isolated and alone for many years. Their loneliness is not a result of a sudden event, but from years of living disconnected from society. .

Having no friends will make you miserable

If you have no friends, you have a major problem because you will be unhappy. Being alone will dominate your identity and self worth no matter how hard you try to tell yourself you "don't care".

Most adults, at a minimum, have at least one or two close friends. Through those friends they connect to other peripheral friendships. They have things going on in their lives and things to do. If you have no friends whatsoever, your life will be seriously lacking.

It is interesting to note that not all friendless adults live alone. Some are in long term relationships and marriages. While these people are not completely isolated, they still miss companionship that comes with plutonic friendships.

No guy friends to hang out with

For a lot of guys in long term relationships, they find themselves without any guy friends to hang out with. All the typical things like watching the football game with their buddies are nonexistent. While many guys can tolerate this existence, it leaves them unsatisfied and unhappy. Worse yet, when and if these unhealthy relationships eventually break down the person is left totally alone.

No girl friends to hang out with

Women also need friends outside their relationships. Things such as "girls night outs" and gossiping and talking with other women is important for girls. If a girl is isolated in a relationship she isn't getting this needed element of social interaction. As a result, she will be left unhappy.

Having a successful or close romantic relationship is not enough. People also need friends. When people in relationships only hang around with each other they are destined to be miserable. Sometimes people in close relationships isolate themselves from the world and friendships fall by the wayside.

Most people need at least one friend to be happy

Psychological studies have shown that most people need at least one close friend to be happy.  It makes a huge difference to have one close person in your life versus zero. Often times, this friend is a spouse or partner. Adults with no friends or relationships whatsoever tend to be unhappy. A small percentage of these people lash out at society like George Sodini.

If you've been in a marriage or long term relationship for a while and that relationship suddenly breaks down, you may quickly find yourself totally alone. Many times the friends you had while dating have to choose who to remain friends with your spouse/significant other and ditch you.

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