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Why socially isolated loners often brag about their IQ scores

There is a definite correlation between being a social reject and talking (and often lying about) about having a high IQ. While normal people regularly obtain personal satisfaction through social friendships, romantic partners, and going out/having fun, those who are unwanted as friends and romantic partners, lack this source of validation and make assertions of intellectual superiority as a way of compensating for that.

Do socially isolated adults actually have higher IQs?

Some may, but most do not. In fact, most of the people who say they have a “high IQ” are quite average in terms of their ability to perform on an IQ test. Why do so many people lie about their IQ? They lie because it is the easiest way to get some relief for feeling like they have nothing that makes them special.

Socially rejected adults are often so perverse in their thinking that they think a high IQ score is something that normal people think/care about. Loners love the concept of “high IQ” because it is an innate trait that some people are born with and others are not. Of course, there is limited interest in IQ by the vast majority of society who care more about other innate traits such as good looks. Most normal people care about what they are going to do on the weekend or drama associated with their social lives, not IQ scores.

Referencing a (real or false) high IQ score let’s everyone know you are a loser who is desperate to feel special

Well adjusted people feel a sense of empathy for those who declare to have high IQs because they know these people are likely:

  1. Trying to compensate for years of rejection and social isolation

  2. Have nothing to feel good about and lack self esteem

  3. Are probably of relatively average intelligence and lacking in other areas of intellectual capacity (social skills, athletic ability, etc.)

  4. Often lack other innate, more important characteristics such as good looks.

This type of boasting doesn't always present itself in the form of a "high IQ". Loners will also frequently hint at or declare their supposed smarts by making other common assertions, such as:

  1. That they knowing how to speak multiple languages

  2. That they have a superior ability to play intellectual games (card and numbers games)

  3. That they are a stock market or forex trading genius

  4. That they have excellent abilities in the sciences and mathematics

All of these are similar to high IQ declarations because they indicate an innate intellectual superiority.

Socially rejected people are desperate to have others look at them and think they are special. Please note that often a high intelligence claim is also accompanied by a false assertion that they are a person who is wealthy or rich financially.

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