Free advice for adults on how to make friends and become more social.

Most Loners are Relatively "Normal People"

"It's not that most loners have no social skills at all, it's that they are failing to grasp a few important and highly effective tactics that most people do regularly"

Having specialized in adult social skills for over five years, we've dealt with thousands of loners. Our users are most often educated or skilled professionals and students, who in many ways appear to be relatively normal people.

 They just have difficulty developing friendships and relationships beyond acquaintances. Our program is aimed to help these types of people.

Typical Adult Loner Profiles

Melissa is a 38 year old women. She stands 5'7" tall and is not overweight. She holds a 9 - 5 administrative office job. Socially, she's had a few long term relationships that went nowhere. Over the years, she's lost touch with the few friends she's had from the past. Lives with two dogs in a somewhat cluttered, but relatively nice apartment.

Melissa has a job, is reasonably attractive and educated, interacts with people at work, but for the most part, is a loner.

Ryan is 22 year old man - 5'10, average build, in college - Despite being normal looking and studying in college, this loner spends most of his time in his dorm room and is not out partying with his classmates. He tends to always eat alone (usually in his room) and does little more outside than attend classes and his part time job. He craves the active social life and sex lives of his peers, but simply is never invited anywhere.

Ryan appears normal, but is unable to establish the male friendships and bonds he needs.

Joey is 27 Year Old - Messages girls on the internet dating site plenty of fish, but they never reply or show interest in him. He took his profile pictures himself because he has no one to take them for him. He is alone in all his pics, which is an accurate representation of his life. Deep down, he feels he's a great catch because he has a good job, does not smoke, has no children and was never married, and is a nice guy.

Joey's lack of friends makes it very difficult for him to find relationships or enjoy social interaction.


There is nothing obviously wrong with any of these lonely people. You can talk to them and they seem relatively normal, but their lives are still missing friends and social interaction.

Loners are everywhere..

* The girl at Starbucks reading with her cell phone sitting on her lap
* That guy at work who always says hello in the hall
* The guy whose dated the same girl for 5 years and has few other friends

Social Skills Guide

   Adult Social Skills Training

Friendship Making

How to make friends
How to meet people
How to hang out with people

Loner Experiences

Facebook depressing
Everyone else is busy
Slow responses to texts
"I have no friends"
Indicators of social rejection
Depressed by old pictures
People don't initiate contact
Having no social circle
Fat people with no friends
Never invited places
Lonely people who stop trying
Aging and friendlessness
Fears and problems
Rejection by flaking
Dating: men vs. women

Identity and Backgrounds

Typical loner profiles
Hiding lack of a social life
How to spot a loner
MGTOW and rejection
IQ Boasting
Alcholism and isolation

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