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What is MGTOW and why do men who have been rejected by women gravitate towards it

Socially isolated and rejected men and women are increasing taking their frustrations out online. One relatively popular “movement” for men currently is known as MGTOW or “Men Going Their Own Way”. This acronym is quite popular among men who have been rejected and financially devastated by break ups with women. The idea is that these men have decided, to varying degrees, to no longer pursue relationships with women.

This concept is popular among men who are perceived as unwanted and unattractive to women because it provides a defence mechanism by suggesting that they are the ones doing the rejecting. In reality, western world women do not want the vast majority of the men who follow MGTOW forums and groups because they are perceived as unattractive or lack financial resources. The lack of financial resources may be the result of a divorce, being taken advantage of in the past, or having been otherwise striped of their financial resources through relationships or the legal system.

Ironically the man’s resources may have legally been redistributed to their ex-spouse (who perhaps initiated the break up) and are now being used to fund trips, nights out and fun with new/younger partners. The man is left poor and without any dating options (perhaps now living in a basement apartment popping Lexapro and playing on the internet).

Friendless, socially rejected men find camaraderie through concepts like MGTOW.

The writings and forums of the MGTOW movement provides a source of valuable information with regards to unfair divorce laws and the nature of social rejection. This education can help men avoid being taken advantage of financially and understand why they were rejected in their younger years.

While many MGTOW followers are unwanted by western world women, they often discover women overseas who may be interested in them. By avoiding a financially devastating divorce or unjust enrichment, their options remain open. They are free to travel and gain the satisfaction that eludes them at home.

Socially normal people are largely unaware of and uninterested in MGTOW

While there is some valuable insight and enlightenment to be gained from some of the ideas and concepts found in MGTOW forums and websites for men, it is important to note that adults who fit in and have normal social lives and friendships are largely unaware and uninterested in these ideas. It is normal to be apathetic to these types of causes because most people have things going on in their lives, relationships, and social activities that keep them busy.

In America (and other Western countries) you can go from having a life, money, and friends to having nothing in an instant.

A person’s life can go from everything being okay to having nothing in an instant. When a long term relationship breaks down and a man discovers that all his “friends” are siding with his ex, that he is losing half his assets and must pay hefty alimony and child support, and that women no longer find him attractive because he has aged and is overweight, it is a tough pill to swallow.

Other events such as an accident, lawsuit, job loss, criminal charge, or illness can also immediately render a person to be considered of low value. You can literally lose everything in a split second. Many well-adjusted, hardworking people lose everything they ever worked for instantly because of misfortune or bad luck. The more you have, the more you have to lose.

Guys who lose their financial resources have zero dating market value (age 30+), while girls can be poor as long as they are not overweight

For a guy who loses all his money, he immediately becomes someone who is dead to women. If a woman is not fat, she will have unlimited offers of dates and partners regardless of her age. In cases of divorce (age 30 – 50) while the man’s ex is bombarded with offers to go on dates and trips with younger men online (that he will pay for with his support payments), he finds himself sending out messages on POF, OKC, etc. and getting no replies.

All his hard work and trying to “do everything right” throughout his life has now gone to benefit the woman who dumped him and left him forced to pay her the money she now uses to take (normally younger) men out on dates or vacations with her.

Alternatively, the support payments and money may be used to fund trips to the Caribbean where she engages in relationships and sex with other men. The devastated rejected man, alone in an apartment with an empty inbox, is now motivated to search out and find groups like MGTOW.

The point of the MGTOW movement seems to be to warn other men about these risks so that it doesn’t happen to them.

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