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Nobody ever invites me places

Loners often perceive that other people have no interest in hanging around with them. This perceived rejection leads to feelings of anger, jealousy, and resentment towards others.

Never being invited places is not just a sign that a person is a loser, it also indicates they have a tremendous fear of rejection.

Losers care the most and get hurt the most

While losers are usually the first people to claim they “don’t care about what anyone thinks”, in reality, they care the most. They often fear rejection so much they begin to rationalize avoiding rejection as more important than the rewards of friendship and having company.

In order to avoid being rejected, they talk less and withdraw from society. As a result, they are invited places even less often.

People are not always available to hang out

The fear of rejection can lead people to misread and wrongly internalize things that are normal in the social world. People are busy and not always available. It is only possible to hang around with people during the limited times that they are free. As such, most invitations are going to be rejected just because of timing.

While normal people understand this, loners take it far more personally. They see it as a reflection of their value. They think it means they aren’t good enough and unwanted.

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