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Loners often find old pictures of themselves depressing

If you're a socially isolated loner, it is normal to find old pictures of yourself depressing to look at. They remind you of the years you've wasted alone and all the fun you've missed out on. Looking at old pictures can make loners feel regret over all the years of wasted social opportunities.

Loners tend to live in a state of "hope". They hope and fantasize that things will get better for them in the future socially. They envision future social lives filled with friends and opportunities. Sometimes, a picture from the past can serve as a reminder that many of those dreams have never happened. They also see themselves as being professionally successful.

Socially isolated people have few pictures of themselves

Another issue people with no friends have with pictures is that they tend to have very few pictures of themselves. This makes them feel alienated and not a part of society.

Today, more pictures are taken than ever before. At events, parties, gatherings, and other social outings people love to take pictures of themselves. Many of these pictures end up on Facebook to be shared with people in their social circles. For people with no social lives, they are rarely in situations where people take their photos.

Party pictures

Losers hate to look at pictures of other people partying because it reminds them that they are not partying themselves. It makes them feel like everyone else is out having fun and they are wasting their lives. This is why many loners find Facebook depressing.

Losers don't like pictures of themselves

If you're a loser with no friends, chances are you don't like yourself very much. Part of this sometimes involves not wanted to look at yourself either. Many loners don't like to look at themselves in the mirror. They also don't like looking at pictures of themselves because they are turned off by their appearance.

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