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Indicators of Social Rejection

Adults who are socially rejected tend to have similar experiences in dealing with people. They frequently put effort into other people and receive little or no effort in return.

This lack of effort and interest from other people typically manifests itself in several ways, most frequently:

  • People almost never text or initiate conversations first
  • People take a long time to reply to your texts or messages
  • You are rarely invited anywhere
  • In group conversations people tend to focus on other people and not you (almost as if you aren't even there)
  • People don't reply to your text messages, or replies are short and lack enthusiasm
  • Your comments in social groups tend to go unnoticed or are not responded to
  • People you communicate with always seem to be preoccupied, busy, or have other things going on
  • Nobody ever has time for you or includes you in plans on Friday and Saturday nights

These are signs people aren't interested in you

If you can relate to some or all of the above factors, it's an indication that people are not responding to your favorably socially. They are showing little or no interest in talking to you, or developing relationships with you. This is a warning sign that something is off. It may be the result of your appearance, personality, or behavior.

What to do if you are consistently rejected socially

As a loner, it is very tough to experience social rejection. Since it is natural to want to fit in and be accepted, consistent rejection will damage a person's self confidence and self esteem. Many demoralized losers slowly stop trying because they wish to avoid the pain of rejection. This leads to further social isolation and feelings of loneliness for these adults.

Those who don't fit in tend to be rejected the most

The first thing you should do if you want to fit in and be liked/accepted is closely examine how you are presenting yourself to other people. Ideally, you want to make sure there's nothing that makes you stand out. While standing out may lead people to believe you are an interesting person, it won't make them want to be your friend.

People will be most likely to befriend, like and accept you if they perceive you to be similar to them in regards to three main areas:

Giving off an impression that one of these factors is "off" will likely lead to social rejection. You have to go out of your way to demonstrate similarities in order to prevent people from simply writing you off socially.

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